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1. A boudoir session is as much about the empowering experience as it is the photos. Do you consider this session as a gift to yourself, to a significant other, or both?

2. What is your favorite Apple Music - to played in background?

3. Have you previously posed for glamour photos (other than selfies)?

4. What is your general comfort level in posing for boudoir?

5. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the most), how much encouragement would you like for me to push you to challenge your comfort level to achieve the best composition and look?

6. Do you maintain an inspiration board or screenshots representing poses you would like to replicate? 

7. What emotions or vibe do you want to portray (fun, playful, mysterious, cute, serious, other)?

8. What wardrobe ideas do you plan to bring to the session? It’s best to bring more than you’ll need. No worries if you don't own much lingerie; there are plenty of other options (jackets, sweater, lace, towel, blanket, sheepskin, curtain, sheets, etc.)


9. What props or special items (if any) do you plan to bring? Do you have specific creative ideas to share?

10. How revealing would you like to be photographed? 

  • G = Fully clothed fashion wear

  • PG = Lingerie or mostly covered with sheets, blanket, robe, etc.; fashion wear with off-the-shoulder teasing

  • PG-13 = Same as PG yet more suggestive and teasing; no Instagram stickers are necessary

  • R = Implied nudity that is tasteful and artsy, yet pose conceals anything requiring an Instagram stickers

  • X = Typically not my brand, yet after securing other photos consistent with my brand, I could support most of what the model desires for her paid sites, etc.

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