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Working with Tim has been great for fashion/sports/senior photography. He is very skilled and knowledgeable and delivers top quality photos!



Hey Tim! I thought you were great and very professional. I liked that you showed us a gallery of what you were thinking for poses and that you allowed us the freedom to chose what we wanted to do. Thank you for your professionalism and niceness, I have nothing to critique except keep doing you!! The session was fun and I cannot waittttt to receive the pictures!  Thank you for your time and allowing us to be pictured! 



I think you were incredibly professional with the group and having all your things together and I think the form with all you included was great... the quality of photos was great. Very sharp quality, nice angles, vivid colors.



Tim Dunnahoo was kind enough to ask me to do a fitness (swimwear) shot. I didn't tell him I had photography experience and went out with no expectations and he blew me away. It's clean and classy and excellent work, so I wanted to share. I can assure you this was all his posing because my natural posing was all awkward. He was very cordial

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